Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blogger Only Swap

Man - I'm behind on posting these awesome cards! Forgive's been rough after being on vacation for a week+ having to get back to a routine!
This was the 2nd card by Kirsten DuBosque isn't it adorable?? I have to admit, I was not crazy about the busyness of Office Accoutrement but this card makes me change my mind! Maybe it's because this note is always at the top of my To Do List (wink) How many times I have a long day at work & all I can think about is unwinding by stamping (hence, I find my serenity in stamping) and I'm so beat I just don't do it? Seriously...I don't even have the kids to tend to because we don't have any yet! Whatever will I do when I can't FIND the time to stamp? Not sure how y'all do it! I digress...I love the layout & colors! Thanks, Kirsten! I'm so glad I got BOTH of your cards!!!

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