Sunday, February 22, 2009

some Awards & Raks to share

I received the above award from Cassie (A Day in the Life of a Home Schooling Mom) who has a great blog and a real pretty smile.  Thank you, Cassie!  

And I got this new award from Rose Ann, isn't it cool?  Reminds me of the sweet act of love by my DH today - he put up a 48" storage cabinet in my stamp room today so I can get a little more organized in there (oh and get stuff off the floor which he would gripe about a LOT but I certainly don't blame him for that I was too when I would trip over stuff!) 

I am so incredible late in sharing my sweet Christmas present that arrived mid-January from Barb Schram! Barb was beside herself wondering if I would ever receive it and although the box looked like it went through the ringer and the glass broken on the frame - it arrived nonetheless, to her relief! Barb's words of encouragement are near & dear to my heart and one of the first things she wrote in her little card is congratulatory wishes for becoming part of the Gina K Designs Sr. Design Team, saying my work is always top notch!  The beautiful frame is Barb's favorite project she made for PTI and I am honored she would send it to me saying, 'How fitting for you- Because everytime you leave comments, you create with others in mind- 'You Make Everything Bloom'  I'm not lying when I say her words brought tears to my eyes.  It's incredible how a stranger can manage to touch your heart more than a person you know in real life you spend many one on one hours with.  Thank you for your kindness, friendship & wonderful gift, Barb!  It is displayed proudly on my craft table.  

Next up is the sweet Valentine we got from our niece Gabby & nephew Joey with a big bag of homemade yummy chocolate chip cookies, which Gabby insisted on 'baking' & sending to us! Included was a note that Gabby wanted to be sure Gramma Donna got cookies, too (my DMIL)! The little valentines on top are CARS - which is her current favorite movie!  We called to tell her thank you that evening while we were eating the cookies and she was so cute, saying 'I baked the cookies-you like them??  It was so cute when she was packaging them up she said, 'this one's for Auntie Donna, this one's for Nino John, this one's for Gramma Donna' - she's so cute!!! 
Here's the inside of the card, do you love what it says? 'the end' HA!  They also sent me a few little Avon gifts.  FUN! 
Last up is a Thank You card from our 2 little cousins I made these tins for & gave them for Christmas.   We weren't able to be with them this Christmas, but my DMIL & their mom had the idea to take a picture of them with the tins & make me this card!  Isn't it precious?  These are the moments that motivate me to do what I do *smile* 

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6 comments on "some Awards & Raks to share"

Cassie on 8:54 PM CST said...

Your work is amazing. . .you deserve any and all 'pats on the back' you get :D

Gabriela on 8:11 AM CST said...

Congratulations on both your new awards. You well deserve them because your blog is perfectly delightful.

Christi on 12:58 PM CST said...

Congrats on your new awards!! You totally ROCK! I also love the RAKS!!!

Kay Demonbren on 1:14 PM CST said...

Kudos to you! Very much deserved too.

Rose Ann on 3:24 PM CST said...

Congrats on your awards ;)...and your RAK's are wonderful!!

Barb Schram on 10:16 AM CST said...

OH would never believe I mailed your package on December 8th! It made two trips back and forth between Michigan and Texas! Ugh...but I am thankful it finally arrived! You ARE very special, Donna!

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