Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Derek - visit!!

Last night I was able to visit Derek in the hospital. Normally visits there are not fun but I sure enjoyed this one! Derek was likely to go home today!! Shawna (his mom) has learned how to properly change his dressings and he's ready!! He was real shy at first, but enjoyed opening his little card & wooden toy card I brought him which is what he's holding here.  It was nice I got a little smile from him, which is a sweet one!!  *sorry about the poor quality of photos, I forgot my camera & took them with my cell phone camera-not bad, really*

Here he is reading a card that Rose Ann made him!  His first RAK!!  Thank you, my friend!!

The card, which has the pinking edge nestability poked his hand, and he said, 'ouch' it was funny (don't worry he didn't really get hurt).   I was so blessed to see him, Kay was happy I saw him on the 'up' side!  We took him over to the playroom in the big wagon and he was pretty unstable at first, wanting Mammy to hold his hand, but pretty soon he was walking all over the place!  When we finally convinced him to go back to his room, he was bound & determined to PULL his big 'ol wagon all the way back to his room!  He was walking at a pretty good pace, getting all the attention of the nurses who were amazed at his improvement, and not long after we started our trek he started to slow down considerably while Mammy kept asking him if he wanted help and he replied emphatically, 'no, let's go' as he waved his hand toward his room!  I watched in amazement how it seemed he was oblivious to his injuries!  He was so precious!! I nearly cried as I said good-bye not helping but wonder when I will see him again since they moved to the coast.  

If you'd like to bless little Derek with a card/small gift, please see my previous post Request for RAKS for Derek for info & perhaps you will WIN some great stamps/supplies!  I will keep this open until the end of the month & draw a winner at the beginning of March.  
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6 comments on "Update on Derek - visit!!"

Adela on 10:50 PM CST said...

Thanks for the pictures and the update! They're so sweet and he looks so good!

Christi on 11:33 PM CST said...

OMG he is such a sweetie! I hope he gets my card soon and that he gets to feeling better!

catdidit on 7:14 AM CST said...

Ahhhh How precious! Sooo thrilled to hear he is improving so much!

Crazy Creations on 10:37 AM CST said...

Im so glad to hear he is doing better Im praying for him and family I just started my card and Im going to go out and get him some thing today .Ill have it out tommorow .Sarah

Rose Ann on 1:28 PM CST said... sweet!! Thanks so much for sharing this, Donna!!

MiamiKel on 6:53 PM CST said...

Aw, thank you for the update - he is precious. What a sweet angel - more happy mail is on the way to him! *Hugs!*

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