Saturday, May 17, 2008

sweet RAKS & an extraordinary day...

The above card is from Monika at M.A.D. Stamper - we recently did a little image swap so we can try out some stamps we don't have. Monika is so sweet and she won the Guest Star Stamper for Papertrey this week! Check out her Father's Day card - congratulations, my friend!!! I love the set Monika used on her card, Petals & Paisley by SU! It's a set demos got as a Christmas present I believe Christmas 2006. I love the saying, 'find joy in the little things' I found joy in my mailbox the day this card arrived for sure!!

This cute card I got from Carolina at Carolina's Creative Pad Carolina is so sweet and a fabulous stamper! Check out the hunk of wide satin ribbon she sent me? It's pink & brown (my favorite combo) She used SU! chipboard for this card and don't you just adore the trio of brads in the center of the spiral clip? DH said it was so cool. She really has innovative ways of creating!

I want to say a special Thank You to the following ladies who recently blessed me with their Requested Random Acts of Kindness: I hope I didn't forget anyone! I wrote all the names down somewhere but not sure what I did with the note.

Jessie Rone
Charmaine Ikach
Carolina Buchting
Rose Ann Reynolds
Kathy Rocco
Nicole Cooke
Marilyn Moseley
Lori Hendricks

I found out last week a dear friend/customer was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer (in March), in April had surgery and is now currently undergoing 6 chemotherapy treatments. It was one of the things that tugged at my heartstrings I referred about going through last week. When I heard the news, I was numb and immediately internalized it and broke down the following day; so much that I couldn't function at work & went home because all I did was cry all day. This friend is so dear to me, really more like a mom (and that means a lot to me, having lost my own mom at the age of 25 to Lung Cancer) so the news was devastating. She has a great support system and I wanted to be that as well.

I was so happy yesterday to have my friend tell me she was ready for a visit from me so I took her the RAKS. Surprisingly I was real strong while I visited her and did not cry (I prayed for strength before going). I gave her 3 hugs before I left and will be in touch with her to visit again in about 3 weeks after we settle back from vacation.

My friend loves to stamp & send cards to her friends & family and told me she was going to take a year off from stamping because she doesn't have the energy. I could tell, because just opening the cards was zapping her energy.

When Jessie offered to send her some cards she made early in her stamping (mostly cased, she said) for my friend to have to send, I thought that was a sweet idea! You should have seen the box! I was FLOORED! They were all fantastic and if you are familiar with Jessie's awesome stamping you would not be surprised! My friend was so grateful for all the cards, but I sure saw excitement in her eyes when she realized she can still send her family & friends cards from her 'stash' So a special Thank You to Jessie for your generosity & awesome idea!

In addition to a card, Carolina made my friend one of her precious Travel Tissue Holders - she liked that a lot too.

Thank you from the botton of my heart, ladies! I am so grateful to each of you for helping make an ordinary day extraordinary extending kind your kindness & friendship to reach out to a friend of a friend. It resulted in me finding joy in the little things (that really are not little at all); realizing what a few minutes, some stamping supplies, postage & extending your heart to another really means. Pin It

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Dawn Easton on 9:38 AM CDT said...

Donna, your RAKS are wonderful. It's always nice to get some happy mail!

I'm happy you were able to visit your friend and you were strong for her. I know now difficult it is. Been there too many times with friends and family. I'm usually strong and supportive during the visits but the minute I get in my car I totally break down. Oh well, better for them not to see that right?

Hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your visit with your family!!

Janine on 10:17 AM CDT said...

You are a very lucky lady to have such wonderful friends.

Deb on 12:39 PM CDT said...

Your RAK's are beautiful!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. i will keep her in my prayers.

Have a nice vacation!!

Barb Schram on 5:19 PM CDT said...

Thanks for sharing, Donna. I am glad your friend was up for a visit! I am sure you blessed her day. I have not forgotten her!

Monika/Buzsy on 8:07 PM CDT said...

Thanks for sharing your story Donna... I am so lucky not to have a friend with any type of cancer... so I don't even know what you must feel... but nice to hear that you were strong!
Also, thanks for sharing my card and my happy news! You are an awesome friend!

Julie Masse on 10:09 PM CDT said...

Your RAKs are so pretty Donna! So glad you got to see your friend and she enjoyed all the cards! :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 2:40 AM CDT said...

Just beautiful RAKs Donna......and you are sooooo very special!!! I'm sorry my card for your friend musta not made it.........I'm sure hoping my new post office has lots and lots LESS issues than the old one!!!!! I'll pop another in the mail tomorrow!!! Big Hugs!!!

Ila on 3:10 AM CDT said...

These are Gorgeous RAKs!!

So Sorry to hear the news about your friend. I will keep her in my prayers...Hugs, Ila

Rose Ann on 10:42 PM CDT said...

Wonderful RAK's!! I'm so glad to hear you were able to see Josie, and give her the cards. I will pray for her. Hugs!!

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