Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcoming Fall…Only in Austin…

mojo 95 autumn

Well, happy Fall, Y’all!  Could you tell the season changed?!  I’m sure in a lot of areas you do, like the East Coast where the colors really change on the leaves, or in the mountains where it snowed yesterday (*Lucky Lee*), but in Central TX we hardly ever can tell a change.  But, this year we did although I hear a rumor it won’t last for long!  We got a cold front over the weekend and it started to RAIN earlier this week, a good solid rain---yea!!  The temperatures actually dropped to 66 degrees during the day.  I heard it will be back in the mid-t0-upper 90’s by today.  It’s usually VERY HOT still in Sept/Oct here so I always welcome the cold weather.  In fact, last night I couldn’t pass up a super soft blanket while shopping at Costco – I just want to snuggle in it with a good movie & my favorite bowl of popcorn (that’s pot popped with greek seasoning, garlic salt & melted real butter). 

Ok onto my cards I have to share!!  The first one is made with the Signs of Autumn stamptv kit!  I used the Mojo 95 sketch from July for this card and for my panels, I stamped, colored & sponged around the images.  The solid digital paper (Timeless Solids) is a freebie at stamptv by Emily Giovanni and the other paper is in the kit. 

scooter path

This next card is one I made using last month’s Are we there yet? set by Rupa.  I made it to look like a fall road, but made the scooter off-roading because of the poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, to make your own path.  I combined this set with tree silhouettes. 

Speaking of making your own path – some people just seem to march to the beat of their own drum, especially in a city as eclectic as Austin!   A few months ago, while out driving, we saw a PIG MOBILE – someone actually pays homage to their love of all things PIG and it drove by so fast, I missed being able to get a picture.  that is, until the other day when I was shopping at Hobby Lobby, I had the privilege of being able to park right next to it so I could grab a few pics to PROVE what is not all that uncommon in Austin.  HA!  Isn’t this hilarious!!  So what is the most hilarious thing you’ve seen lately??    For closer views of the pictures, you can click on view full album. 

P.S. – did you see Gina K.’s exciting announcement yesterday?  We are welcoming a new illustrator to the group – Tami Mayberry.  You will adore her first 2 sets – so fun!!!   And TODAY she announced a new product Pure Luxury Companions which include a great assortment of cardstock, ribbons & buttons! 

P.S.S. – for those of you who remember I posted about my first Algebra test last week ago, I finally got the results and I was pleased to say I got a B!!  I was really hoping I had aced it, though!  I would have too, if I hadn’t made some really stupid mistakes – lessons learned!! 

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3 comments on "Welcoming Fall…Only in Austin…"

TannyP on 12:51 PM CDT said...

I'd be jumping for joy for a B in algebra =) You should still be proud. I'm sure I wouldn't even come close to passing! HAHA

Awesome cards. I just love that Signs of Autumn card. You're the paper piecing MASTER, Donna. Always amazes me!! Great creations!

Melissa Sauls on 12:24 AM CDT said...

Hey Donna! Beautiful cards as usual. :) How hilarious that you were parked right next to the car. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks hilarious!

Whoopsie Daisy! on 8:42 PM CDT said...

Both wonderful cards! I love this time of the year. Wish it wasn't so warm here... still feels like summer. Those pictures are funny! A "B" in Algebra would make me WHOOOOOOOP with joy! I still have to take my core classes to transfer so NOT looking forward to my math classes! xx Jane

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