Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tim Holtz' 12 Days of Christmas Techniques (and Giveaways)

A few days ago while blurfing, I came across Tim Holtz' brand new blog!! That man is so cool, never met him in real life but his stuff is so awesome. Anyway, he is doing a Christmas Tag tutorial each day for 12 days started yesterday, and giving away all the goodies used to make the tags! How cool is that?! Check it out, ladies! Pin It

2 comments on "Tim Holtz' 12 Days of Christmas Techniques (and Giveaways)"

Lisa's Blessed A Latte on 1:45 AM CST said...

Thanks Donna....he has a cool Blog!!!

*Jana* on 1:50 AM CST said...

BLURFING?! Ok, that made me *snort*.

Those tags on Tim's site are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that.

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