Thursday, June 12, 2008

BIG HUG & a tag!

Aren't there days when you want to hug someone but you can't because you are not close enough to? Well, this image & sentiment from Jumping for Joy will come in handy if you want to send someone a 'squeeze' in the mail! I know I will soon - I'm going to send this card to my niece! When I talked to her last week on my birthday, as she was saying good-bye she hugged herself to show her Mommy she was giving me a big hug (this is a new one) and mwah - big kiss (she's been doing that for a while). Oh how I long for another one of her squeezes! She may not really know what this card is all about now, but I hope that her mommy will keep it so when she starts to read (and understand) she will be reminded of her Auntie's Love!

Edited to Add: Last night I called Gabby (after she enthusiastically said uh huh! that she wanted to talk to me), I said "Hi Gabby" and when I heard her little voice say, "Auntie Donna - miss you" I choked up, in tears! That was the first time she said it on her own to me! After I got off the phone, I had to ask DH if that's what HE heard too (and it was not just me WANTING to hear it) Sure enough, he said that's what he heard. What a moment to remember for me.

The bear was colored with primas/oms and my bling & dazzle flower outline by Gina K was colored with copics. My ribbon is the one from Lee! This is Beate's weekend sketch 51 (that I didn't upload in time). I made this right after the Seals in Love because I usually try to make at least 2 cards from dp that I have out before I put it away.

Random stuff tag by Monika M.A.D. Stamper

10 years ago I was: A newlywed (11 months), having moved into our first home the month before, raising a puppy & working at a civil engineering firm as receptionist.

5 things on my to-do-list today: attempt to catch up on 500+ posts in Google Reader, read (currently My Sister's Keeper), upload more BRAKS rcvd, rest

Snacks I love: String cheese, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, Nutter Butter cookies, ice cream

Things I will do when I am a millionaire: quit working full-time, buy a home in CA and spend 1/2 my year there and 1/2 here so I can be around my family more

Places I have lived: Bay Area (CA), 3 different cities in the Central TX area

I'd like to know this stuff about the following people because I didn't know them 10 yrs ago:
Angie Tieman
Melanie Muenchinger
Jennifer Love
Deborah Wood
Christina Fischer Pin It

13 comments on "BIG HUG & a tag!"

Kristine on 3:31 PM CDT said...

BEARY CUTE!! :D Who wouldn't LOVE to get a hug in the mail. ;P HUGS!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 3:32 PM CDT said...

Awww........that is just the sweetest hug ever!!! I love the bear's rosy cheeks!!! I know how special it is for your little niece and she will too!! Oh I definitely need to put reading back on the list's that book??

Jennifer Ofiana on 3:49 PM CDT said...

such a cute bear!!! Big Hugs!!!

Deb on 4:31 PM CDT said...

This is totally adorable and the story is so sweet. I hope you win the lotto so you can spend more time with her, she sounds like an angel!!

Oh no tagged! At least it doesn't want to know how boring I am now. LOL! Thanks, looks like fun!

catdidit on 5:17 PM CDT said...

Ahhh too cute! Just like your little neice, a cutey patutey for sure!

Janine on 7:03 PM CDT said...

What an absolutely adorable image.
Love it!!

Monika/Buzsy on 7:30 PM CDT said...

Sooo cute Donna.. and you used a lot of pink... you should enter it to dutch dare-card challenges. :o)

Libby Hickson on 10:08 PM CDT said...

So cute! Love your coloring on that little bear.

Alexandra on 10:49 PM CDT said...

Really stinkin' cute Donna!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Melanie on 6:22 AM CDT said...

beary nice!! okay, off to flash back to 1998!!

Carolina on 6:52 PM CDT said...

Oh, you made me cry...I started off fine, just reading along and admiring this adorable card and then I got to the part about Gabby telling you she misses you...augh! Sorry you can't be closer to hug her, but this card will for sure let her know how much you love and miss her. It's

Rose Ann on 7:18 PM CDT said...

This is so sweet, and I'm sure Gabby will love it too!! Sweet story, Donna!!

Linsey on 10:31 AM CDT said...

I love your super snuggly and cuddly bear! Such a darling card, Donna! It's great learning more and more about my fabulous buddy! TFS!!!

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