Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday RAKS

I got set up at work to use my laptop in the breakroom (going to come in handy when I don't want to go anywhere in the heat during the summer!) I had a wonderful birthday (thank you everyone for emails, comments, etc for well wishes) Since I am still playing catch-up with life, my posts are going to be sporadic, but I will make sure I post a stamped project soon).

Look at this adorable card I got from Monika M.A.D. Stamper & all the goodies she sent me for my birthday!!! Monika is super sweet - and was under the impression my birthday was tomorrow & she thought she was early. Well, she was right on time since I got it the night before my birthday! And to think, I didn't even send her a card for her birthday in March (I surely meant to but it came & went & I never did) she is very forgiving & thoughtful to still send me one!! Thanks, Monika - you totally made my day! BTW, My DH LOVED your scoring on the bottom and the musical bg. I love the bird & your coloring and design of the card!

This store-bought card is from my financial advisor (he sends one every year as well as a Christmas card - signs them himself) but what was so cool is that he printed up a time capsule for me about songs, prices of products, etc on the day I was born. Then a printout of my birthstones (June has 3 - pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone). Can you believe the price of gas was 36 cents a gallon?? WOW
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4 comments on "Birthday RAKS"

Jessie/knightrone on 3:03 PM CDT said...

Your birthday goodies look awesome, and they are so well deserved!!

Kristine on 5:20 PM CDT said...

Sounds like your financial advisor could be my BIL :D He does the same thing, and he is a financial advisor!! Hmmm... lol.

Cute bird-day card you made. And thanks for the prayers etc. during this time. I'll be okay. I know he's going to a better place, but I just feel badly for his immediate family. You're sweet for commenting. Thank You!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 1:02 AM CDT said...

Oh yummy goodies for sure!!! And what a cool lil card and gift from your financial advisor!! Hope you're still having lots of fun times!!

Rose Ann on 7:54 PM CDT said...

Wonderful goodies you received!! You deserve them, Donna!!

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