Friday, June 20, 2008

Cuddles And Hugs coming your way!

I want to share with you links to a few sneak peeks of the new set illustrated by my friend Melanie (By Gina K Designs) called Cuddles and Hugs that was originally suggested by me several months ago! I couldn't be MORE excited over any of her sets like I am about this one for this reason:

Taken directly from Melanie's post today:

*The drawings in this set celebrating friendship and love were inspired by my family and friends, and was originally suggested by my friend Donna Baker several months ago. Donna is a "champion hugger" BTW! Just the right grip and pressure, not too hard, not too soft! She also makes her daily rounds leaving "cyberhugs" on her favorite blogs. She's just a spreader of love, so it came as no surprise to me when she mentioned a terrific idea for a stamp: animals hugging, and the greeting "Never be the first to let go of a hug". Well, I LOVED that idea, so I quickly got to work. The rest of the greetings and all the animals I chose to draw were my own, but I just have to share her response to my first drawing I made for the set, these two koalas (the gentlest, cuddliest of animals, and ones that apparently a LOT of you were wanting based on all the requests I've read lately! :) :'That's PERFECT!! It's me & my mom. She LOVED Koala bears and of course I do too...I am just like her. (her mother passed away 12 years ago) You had no idea this would be JUST THE RIGHT ANIMAL but I believe God spoke to your spirit via mine. Isn't He awesome like that??' It really gave my goosebumps! (So whenever I use the koalas now, no matter who it's for, I will also think of Donna & her Momma... )

1. Melanie is having an upload contest - deadline is 1:00 p.m. CST today
2. Gina is giving away a set - leave a comment on her post
If you follow the links on Gina's post you will see other sneak peeks from her design team.
3. check out the Gina K member forum for the release party tonight 7:00-10:00 CST! I'll be there! Pin It

8 comments on "Cuddles And Hugs coming your way!"

Angie Tieman on 10:42 AM CDT said...

That is so cool, Donna! Can't wait to go check it out! Hugs! =)

Alexandra on 11:12 AM CDT said...

How awesome Donna, can't wait to see it - big HUGS!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jennifer Ofiana on 12:49 PM CDT said...

This is awesome Donna... big hugs your way!! That set is gonna be adorable! I already love the koalas!!

Deb on 4:49 PM CDT said...

Congrats for having your idea implemented!! There is nothing better than a hug and what I have seen so far tis set is totally adorable!!

Julie Masse on 11:24 PM CDT said...

What a treat Donna!! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Rose Ann on 1:28 PM CDT said...

I have a set coming my way soon, and I love it even more knowing you inspired it!! Hugs!

Linsey on 2:47 PM CDT said...

yes, I was just thrilled to see that *Cuddles and Hugs* was inspired by none other than the fabulous Miss Donna herself! Melanie and you have a special connection and I'm not surprised that she was so moved by your memories and such that she created her latest set with you in mind! I will wait for my real hug someday, but for now--((big cyber hug)) and congrats on this honor--and thank you for being such an inspiration yourself. :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 12:23 AM CDT said... ARE indeed a most amazing and special friend to so many of us!!!! It's no surprise at all that Melanie was blown away by you and inspired to make this fabulous set!!!! Hugs and Hugs to you my friend!!!!

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