Friday, July 18, 2008

Tagged! Random Stuff

I was tagged a while back by Marilyn - Stamp with Marilyn and now by Valita - Valita's Designs & Fresh Folds so I want to acknowledge them. Thanks, ladies!

1. I LOVE scary, gory movies. They aren't scary enough but I sure found some great gory ones like all the SAW movies.

2. When I was little, I came to the defense of my oldest sister in a fight with our middle sister. I picked up a huge metal rice can (can't remember if it had rice in it at the time) and I hit Deana over the head with it. She had to get stitches - the scar is still there. I hope she forgave me. I don't remember getting in trouble for it either.

3. I used to cut high school ALL the time with my BFFs & told my mom about 5 years after high school was over - one time, Deana caught me. She blackmailed me into taking her and her then boyfriend (now DH) with us to the beach and she wouldn't tell on me. She never did. But my friend got caught because someone from her class called her house & said she missed a group project. She got grounded

4. I love chewy candy like Bit o' Honey, Abba Zabbas, Charleston Chew but I really shouldn't eat them because I have permanent bridges they could mess with. But occasionally eating them won't hurt. So I can still indulge.

5. I wish I was musically talented. I tried playing the violin in 4th grade, it (I) was NOT good. In a concert I followed my best friend's movements to get by.

6. I used to have competitions with the same friend in 2nd grade to see who could make their lips the wettest. I would win because I would accumulate the spit in my mouth & then lick my lips. She would just lick her lips with her tongue. **I just got back in touch via email with this friend THIS WEEK because I googled her name and her email was listed on the web - EUREKA!! I'm SO excited about it because I've missed her. We've known one another for 32 years!! whoa**

7. We surprised our mom with a cruise to Mexico for her birthday one year (can't remember which one). Us girls all paid for it & my oldest sister and I went, along with our Uncle Toby. We had a lot of fun and I even had a little cruise romance with the head waiter. oops - hopefully my sisters are not reading this, not sure if I ever told them.

I'd like to forward this tag to the following ladies if you have time to play & want to - I'd love to hear some 7 random things about you so I can get to know you better *wink* Yes, I intentionally chose all these ladies because of their C and J names!! HA HA

2. Christi - Story about a Girl
4. Chrissy - cmh Designs
5. Jane - Whoopsie Daisy!
7. Jodi - Stamping a Latte
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6 comments on "Tagged! Random Stuff"

catdidit on 10:33 AM CDT said...

Well, how cool is this? My first time to be tagged, haha! How exciting!

Well, we have #3 in common, thats for sure! My fellow band members, at the end of the year, gave me and my BFF a plaque for it, rofl!
And how funny about the wet lips, lmao!

Ima gonna play, I'll get it done after lunch, have to run out and get it now, lol.

Whoopsie Daisy! on 11:35 AM CDT said...

I guess I can come out (after how many years?) and say I used to skip out on classes in my Senior year (gasp!). Shhhh.. my mom might still have a fit. lol! This is fun! I'm leaving to get an errand done but will be back to feed the boys lunch in a couple of hours. I'll play after lunch! Thanks for inluding me in the fun, Donna! hugs, Jane

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 12:16 PM CDT said...

OH how fun!!! You were such a stinker as a kid, eh??!! Gory, scary movies are soooo not for me....I admit it.....I'm a total wimp!!!!! LOL

Christi on 5:35 PM CDT said...

Aww, thanks for tagging me! You are too sweet! Ok, my DH LOVES scary movies too. I'm a total weenie so I make him watch them first and if they're too scary I refuse to watch them. I did see the first Saw movie but NOT in the theaters. :) I too have an Uncle Toby but never skipped school...I was a good girl. :) This was so fun!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) on 12:37 PM CDT said...

WOW, I NEVER would have guessed you'd be so "bad"! LOL I never missed a day of school in my life! In my family, we had to be on our death bed to stay home from school. . .and I never even thought about skipping, NO WAY! I learned a lot of interesting things about you!

Rose Ann on 2:13 AM CDT said...

What a fun read!! You're an interesting girl, Donna!! (Romance with the head waiter, huh?) *wink*

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