Monday, March 3, 2008

Kanga's Fun

Well, Kanga was starting to feel left out since she hadn't come out to play in over a week! Bunny, Chicky & Froggy were having all the fun since their birthday party last weekend. So she decided to take a jaunt in the field as the sun was starting to set. What beauty to behold.

Kanga was a little lonely just walking by herself so she decided to find some of her birdy friends and grab a wagon full of flowers to take to her friends. Of course she had to put a flower on her head & put a little in her pouch because the wagon did not hold enough. She was now on her way to spend time with her buddies she hadn't seen in a while - Bunny, Chicky & Froggy because, after all, their friendship is the sweetest flower.

Hope you enjoyed Kanga's little adventure.

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8 comments on "Kanga's Fun"

Lesli on 11:43 PM CST said...

Those cards are just too cute - I love them. Great coloring!

Lee on 12:02 AM CST said... sweet!!! I admit to not using Kanga as much either!! I love her little pouch filled with flowers!!

Janine on 7:21 AM CST said...

Great cards !!

Rose Ann on 4:35 PM CST said...

Your kanga cards are soooo cute, Donna!! You sure are rockin' the cute set!!

Connie R. on 6:53 PM CST said...

OMG Donna these are just so cute. Very pretty.

Jessie/knightrone on 10:52 PM CST said...

LOL!! I totally know what you mean!! I had used the other hoppys, but never Kanga. You are making the cutest cards with this set!! Thanks for sharing!!

Melanie on 3:43 PM CST said...

love em!!!

love your landscape with the lovely as a tree and sandy bottom, you put her right in her native outback! ;)

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) on 7:19 PM CST said...

What gorgeous cards! I LOVE that sun behind the Kangaroo! Awesome!

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