Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Lucky with Gina K. Designs!

zane gift

The exciting thing Gina & the rest of the design team have alluded to all week is that we are going to be doing a mid-month blog hop each month to inspire you!!

This month, I am using Zoo Animals, illustrated by Asela Hopkins. I hadn’t used the little Zebra yet, but I sure love him. I was inspired to crochet this little Zebra animal to give to my nephew, maybe for Christmas (good to get started early, huh?!) I got the pattern from a gal on Etsy and it was easy to follow (it just took me about 5 hours to make!) I’m sure if I were to make another one, it would take a little less time. I grabbed a white handle bag & 12 x 12 sheet of zebra stripe paper from my stash and cut a coluzzle circle for ZANE to peek through, after all he has to breath!!

Zane out of bag

Here is ZANE in all his glory, isn’t he the cutest!? If only you can feel him, he is so fun to hold and I hope my nephew will like him!

Zane's back side
Here is ZANE’s back side, I just had to show his mane & tail, isn’t it cute?! See how similar his tail is to the one Asela drew?! I love it! I totally couldn’t help but smile the whole time he was taking shape, John was out Geocaching the night I made this, so when he got home-he saw Zane hanging out on his side of the bed & oohed and aahed over him!

zane card up close

Here is a close up of Zane on the card, I fashioned him like the real life Zane with black legs & white nostrils. I used a black copic atyou spica pen for sparkle all over his body and actually used some of my hoarded bling & dazzle zoo brads!

Now in honor of this special blog hop, we are having a SALE on the 7 sets the design team is showcasing!

lucky 7

Lucky Seven Sale Event: July 9-13, 2009
Buy any three of these seven stamp sets(regularly priced at $23.95 each) for $49.95 and you can choose from one of these normally priced $19.95 stamp sets for free! (A value of $91.80)
OR, for an even more amazing deal: Buy them all for $125! Purchase all of the Lucky Seven stamp sets and you will receive all 4 of the free stamp set choices for free! (A total value of $247.55)
Lucky Seven Stamp sets available for this sale event:
Many Happy Returns
How Sweet it Is!
Jumping for Joy
Zoo Animals
Christmas Blessings
Whatever Floats Your Boat
Cuddles and Hugs

Stamp sets available for free with the purchase of 3 of the Lucky Seven Stamp Sets:
Rectangle Greetings
Heartfelt Hits 1
Kindred Greetings for Kids
To take advantage of these sale prices, look for the Lucky Seven Button on Gina K's Online Store

Check out these Gina K Designs Senior Design Team blogs for projects made with these seven Lucky Stamp sets!
Many Happy Returns: Joanne and Lynn
How Sweet it Is: Gina and Carolyn
Jumping for Joy: Cathy and Lee
Zoo Animals: Asela and Donna
Christmas Blessings: Kurtis and Emily
Whatever Floats Your Boat: Erika and Jessica
Cuddles and Hugs: Melanie and Theresa

**The Lucky Seven Sale event runs (10 p.m. CST) Thursday, July 9th and expires at midnight Monday July 13th. Go get Lucky!!!

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24 comments on "Get Lucky with Gina K. Designs!"

CountessLaurie on 10:12 PM CDT said...

Oh my heck, Donna, that is sooooo excellent! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

catdidit on 10:14 PM CDT said...

OMG! How stinking cute is ZANE!! LOVE it!! What a cute idea too Donna!

JenMarie on 10:19 PM CDT said...

Oh how CUTE!!

Theresa Momber on 10:25 PM CDT said...

OMGosh, you made that?! Too cute. Love the whole project, Donna!

Lori on 10:36 PM CDT said...

Outstanding Donna!!!! I LOVE Zane and your card!!!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 10:38 PM CDT said...

OMG, OMG, OMGosh!!!!!! Donna!!!! James and I are BOTH just ooooohing and aaaaaahing over this!!!!!

Brenda on 10:45 PM CDT said...

Super cute!!

JessicaK on 11:15 PM CDT said...

Clunk! *sound of jaw dropping* That's an amazing gift and has got to be the cutest zebra. He's crackalackin!

Casmiles on 12:21 AM CDT said...

Donna - Zane is just the cutest...your nephew is going to love him. If he doesn't.... - well we know that's not even a possibility. He's precious! I love the gift bag and matching card. What a special gift.

StacyC on 1:19 AM CDT said...

Soo cute!!

lisa808 on 4:43 AM CDT said...

What a great project!!!

Monika/Buzsy on 7:19 AM CDT said...

Donna, this is fabulous! Love Zane! You are so creative! TFS!

Tina Gilliland on 8:21 AM CDT said...

Donna Zane is just FABULOSO!!! Gosh how darn cute!! I'd love to have this pattern. I crochet a bit as well and my mom, ohhhh my... if she ever saw this... she'd go ga ga! She crochets way more than I do!!!! Your nephew will love it, I'm sure! The card is perfect and I love how you did the bag!!! Great project!!!

Elena on 9:07 AM CDT said...

Wow! You are so talented Donna! I lov ethe Zane!!! How creative! Great gift with the cute card!

Kay S on 9:10 AM CDT said...

How cute is your crocheted Zane?! He is adorable! I've never learned how to knit or crochet so I'd never be able to make him but I totally admire people who can make things like this. Your card is adorable as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anita on 10:19 AM CDT said...

Wow! Zane is amazing. What a wonderful gift. Cute card!

Lori on 10:39 AM CDT said...

Seriously cute Donna!!! Are you going to be selling the crochet Zane??? You should, I want a couple for my little cousins. You are so creative. Let me know.

Helen F. on 4:38 PM CDT said...

WOWZAH! Great project~Love this gift idea!

Lynn Mercurio on 6:07 PM CDT said...

OMGosh, Donna, is there no end to your talent??? This is flippin' fantastic!

Jessica on 9:14 PM CDT said...

Cute, Donna!!

Cindy Lawrence on 10:43 PM CDT said...

OMGosh, Donna! Is there anything you can't do?! Zane is just the CUTEST! The whole set is absolute perfection!

Rose Ann on 2:50 PM CDT said...

Oh my goodness, Donna!! This is way too cute!! I love that zebra you crocheted...and I'm sure your nephew will love it all!!

Libby Hickson on 2:23 AM CDT said...

Oh my gosh this is sooooo adorable!! I love everything about it! I dream of being able to crochet cute little critters like that - one of these days I *really* need to learn! So cute!

Carolina on 4:11 PM CDT said...

I'm going backward on your posts and didn't realize this was the first crochet animal - just wow!! Love this one too - TFS!

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