Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stay Tuned...

It's been quite a week already & it's not even over!!! I have nothing to post this morning except some highlights from the week:

I am 331 posts behind in my Google Reader (so if I haven't commented much on your blog, I will catch up soon!)

John and I renewed a special friendship with some great friends that was a long time coming
{Hi Steph & Thumper!}

My BFF signed a lease on a bigger & better store for her cake business {Hi Lori}

I've had a couple great mail days including a RAK from Christina Fischer a few days ago

There are sneak peeks of Melanie's cute Little Tees set today on a few blogs! It is AWESOME!

Gina K has a release party tonight {I'll be there, but perhaps not for the whole time since I have a ton of stuff to do}

I finally started {and plan to finish} my nephew's birth announcements as he is already 2 months old!

and finally I will have a SPECIAL announcement either tonight or tomorrow right here on my blog (I usually don't like to tease but for this one I need a little more prep time you'll see why) so come back later! Pin It

7 comments on "Stay Tuned..."

Marilyn on 8:44 AM CDT said...

Bless your heart - nothing more overwhelming than 330 posts to catch up on!! LOL!! I hope your week slows down for you, and that you get everything done that you need to! Big hugs to ya!

Barb Schram on 8:51 AM CDT said...

WOW Donna, that is alot of posts! I thank you for all the comments you leave on my blog! It so makes my day and warms my heart!

Hmmm...can't wait to hear what your special announcement might be!!! Take good care and get some rest time for YOU!

Christi on 10:53 AM CDT said...

330 posts? Goodness!! That's what mine looks like if I don't check it every day. I hope your week slows down a bit and I can't wait to see what your special announcement is! :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 12:24 PM CDT said...

Wow busy lady!!! Make sure you get a bit of R&R for you too!!! But I'll be on pins and needles for your announcement!!

Steph & James on 4:21 PM CDT said...

Hi Donna!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas on 6:59 PM CDT said...

Wow you do have a lot to catch up on. Can't wait for your exciting news! Hugs, chris

Libby Hickson on 5:58 AM CDT said...

If it makes you feel any better about your nephew's birth announcements... my daughter is about to turn SIX months and I've yet to send mine out. :-( I'm actually hoping to get them out to celebrate her 6M bday (Aug4) so wish me luck... ;-) (I have had them partially done forever, of course they have newborn photos on them and she is so different now, so I'm thinking I need to include an update letter with them or something!) Anyway it's been a stresser for me, can't wait to have it taken care of. And then there's the thank you cards I'm sooo behind on, and posting all the wonderful RAKs I got when she was born on my blog - ack - I am the worst!!!!!

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