Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas RAKs

This beauty is a Melanie at Hands, Head and Heart or melmel original! It's just gorgeous, isn't it? The snowflakes are stamped on wet watercolor paper (can't remember what that technique is called right now) and the sentiment is embossed with silver. I believe she handmade the big snowflake too (can't remember that technique either) maybe because I'm still trying to wake up and have only had a few sips of my coffee so far. Good news thought - eye hasn't twitched since Thursday! Maybe Melanie can reply to this message about how some of her card was done? Thanks, Melanie! It's One of a Kind, just like you!!

This Adorably-present wrapped Santa is from the awesome Allison at Stampin' When I Can I love the blue & red patterned paper and the happy Santa is too cute. Thank you for thinking of me this time of year, Allison! That was too sweet & such a surprise! Btw - have you seen the recent pics of her cuties?? Charlotte in pigtails totally made me smile - I just want to pinch her fat little cheeks! I had those when I was little too. Pin It

4 comments on "Christmas RAKs"

Allison on 11:12 AM CST said...

Thanks for posting it so that I knew it arrived! Cheers!

Melanie on 11:50 AM CST said...

Thanks for posting Dinna! I think it's just called Wet Watercolor paper technique!! Just wet the paper, stamp, dry with your gun, and stamp again. The big snowflake is Faux Metal, layer a lot of EP on your paper, heat and then smoosh your stamp directly into to get an impression. I made a tiny one, too an dplaced it on the jumpring like a little charm, I see it must have fallen off, probably before I mailed it-DOH!

Melanie on 11:53 AM CST said...

Doh, I just typed a long comment and it didn't uppload, it's gone now??! Oh well, thanks for posting. It's "wet watercolor paper" technique I beleive, just like you said! Wet the paper, stamp, dry, then stamp again on top. The snowflake is faux metal, heat lots of EP then smoosh stamp into it for an impression. I made a tiny charm one, too, this way and hung it on the jump ring, but it must have fallen off :( I'm not bvery good with my pliers!

Rose Ann on 3:39 PM CST said...

Melanie's card is gorgeous, and Allison's is so pretty (love the colors)! Thanks for sharing your awesome cards!!

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