Thursday, March 6, 2008

Double Award Day

Pamela Smerker at Paper Askew awarded me with the You Make My Day Award because my blog inspires her! Isn't that sweet? Little does she know but her blog inspires me! Did you see the tote she made that Melanie did a tutorial for the other day? It is too cute! I will do one as soon as I have some free time (maybe this weekend). Thanks, Pamela!

Edited to Add:

Mary just awarded me with this award too! Check out her blog Maisymary's Findings. She has some great scrapbook layouts & cute cards!! Thank you, Mary - you're so sweet!
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3 comments on "Double Award Day"

Lee on 8:28 PM CST said...

Congrats on two VERY well-deserved awards!!! :)

kathy on 9:25 PM CST said...

you desreve the awards because you are so talented

Rose Ann on 3:37 AM CDT said...

Congrats on your awards! You so deserve them!!

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