Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monthly 3-D Challenge on StampTV with Gina K

Today marks the first monthly 3-D challenge (something other than a card) at StampTV hosted by me!  Gina thought it would be fun to have this challenge in addition to the weekly ones (Mon-Fri) but because it may {or may not} be a little more involved it is a monthly challenge - basically to give you time to think about what you'll make & time to execute it so you are not on a time crunch.  My goal will be to post on the 1st of the month.  

This first challenge was inspired by a co-worker whose desk is comprised 98% of work stuff and 2% personal stuff - you know, pictures or items that make it more 'personal' after all, when you work full-time you spend a great deal of time there and you may as well make it enjoyable (or not).   I choose to, so in my desk area, it is about 85% personal stuff from pictures of loved ones, gifts from family & friends, plants and seasonal items of decor {and sometimes candy to share}. So when Bold Flowers came out this month, I got the idea to make a little potted plant & matching card to give this friend so she can brighten up her desk space!   The little pot came from the Target $1 spot to make your own Christmas tree that I never did anything with, so I trashed the tree stuff and shoved some styrofoam peanuts inside.  Then, I got some green toothpicks & attached the blooms to them and stuck them inside the peanuts and added shamrock green Flower Soft for grass.  Voila! 

My friend at work really liked it but she laughed when I told her why I was giving it to her, thinking that I was thinking her desk was too messy with work & it needed something cheerful. I told her no, it's because there wasn't a lot of personal stuff like mine and I wanted to add to that aspect, plus it was to encourage her - she was having a few BUSY weeks at work with changes and a heavier workload.  

So my challenge to you is to make something to give to someone to cheer them up.  It could be a small treat for them to munch on while at work, it could be a picture frame of you {for your DH} to put on his desk.  Just anything that you think would make someone's day and perhaps remind them of you when they look at it.  When you upload your creation, be sure to explain why you made what you did & who it was for.  Please use keyword 3DMAR09

I look forward to seeing your creations & hearing your stories!  Have fun Stamping!! 

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6 comments on "Monthly 3-D Challenge on StampTV with Gina K"

Carolina on 12:28 AM CST said...

Have I told you lately how much I heart you?!!! I LOVE this challenge and your project is over the top adorable! And don't you just love Target's $1 spot - what did we do before -LOL! Cound me in for the to think of what to make...hmmm.

Doodle Factory on 9:35 AM CST said...

Ooh, love the use of flower soft in the pot! I wonder if that stuff is non toxic and waterproof? I kinda want to figure out a way to put it at the base of my bonsai tree. I love the look of moss on plants, but that stuff never stays alive in the california heat.

Rose Ann on 10:51 AM CST said...

I love your flowers in the pot, and your card is darling as well!! Total cuteness!!

Julia Aston on 2:14 PM CST said...

How cute is this flowerd pot and matching card! great design on this Donna!

Jessie/knightrone on 6:38 PM CST said...

So super cute!!

Melanie on 6:13 AM CDT said...

can't eait to get those PUNCHES right??? darling!!

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