Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amie is the winner of the anniversary blog candy!!

Check out Amie's blog Life With the Boys - I'm listening to her play the piano & sing (beautifully, I might add). She is quite a scrapbooker, great layouts, and makes nice cards too!

Amie shared, "My cousin Suzie taught me a wonderful lesson to just never give up! Her fourth baby girl was born with serious heart defects. She had surgery after surgery after surgery. I'm positive they spent nearly 90% of 2007 in the hospital! The baby couldn't eat or digest food either, so she had a belly plug/feeding tube that she used for a year. As weeks went on, every email I got from Suzie I was afraid to open, afraid to read the words that the baby had finally passed on. But can you believe it, she has survived and thrived and is walking and eating on her own now. How my cousin ever kept up with a homebased business, 3 active healthy girls, and this one challenge/blessing, I'll never know. The best part is, my cousin Suzie always has a smile on her face and doesn't get down about her trial. Great lesson for me!Thanks for the opportunity! amie"

I will send out your stuff later this week because I plan to send MORE surprises along with what is pictured here - need time to work on it!

Thanks for everyone who played along & shared their person/lesson learned. Pin It

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Amie on 11:25 PM CST said...

Thanks again! And by the way, the accident layouts I am scrapping were from June of this year, not 2004. =)

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