Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Thanks to Rose Ann of Paper Delightz who nominated me for he above award! Little does she know she makes my day too!! She is so sweet, very talented and is so encouraging!

The rules:
Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on.

I'm going to try to pick some gals who haven't been chosen yet that do "Make My Day" and I am grateful for taking the time to check out my blog.

ANNOUNCEMENT - tomorrow, January 14 is my BLOG ANNIVERSARY! It will be one year since I started this blog to share my stamping, scrapping and a little of my life with anyone interested. I will be posting some BLOG CANDY tomorrow evening - stay tuned!!

My nominations:

Melanie Muenchinger - Hands, Head & Heart - if you read my blog you will see several posts about my local friend who just designed her first stamp set 'Just so Hippy' that Gina K Designs launched recently. I love this girl!

Ila - Artfully Ila (have you seen this woman's coloring technique? it's just fabulous!) She has some awesome cards on her blog!!!

Angie Tieman - Schwooo! I met (but not officially) at the N. Dallas SCS Shoebox Swap Oct '06 she gave a demonstration. She won SU! Artisan Award last year, she's got a great style about her & her stamping too!

Simone Collins - Daily Dose of Spazz - She is so cute! A single mom who loves to stamp & scrapbook who is doing a great job raising her boy Max.

Michelle Kovak - Thoughts of a Card-making Scrapbooker - check out Michelle's blog, she is very talented and seems like the greatest mom around!!

Jennifer Ofiana - Jen's Stampin' Spot - Jen is a great stamper! She was chosen for the C.C. Designs Design Team and I have enjoyed ALL she's made! We recently discovered we grew up in the same city! We have both moved on (she's still in CA but I'm not anymore). Small world, huh??

Nicole Cooke - The Stampin' Librarian - Nicole is the sweetest and on the design team of Kitchen Sink Stamps (quite an enabler because of it). I'll never forget she sent me my first blogger's RAK!

Dawn Easton - Treasure Oiler Designz - Dawn is a sweetheart, great stamper and mom!

Velta - Impressions by V - Velta has been so encouraging since she discovered my blog, even commenting that I should write a book *smile* She seems like a precious woman, check out her blog, she has wonderful creations on there!!

Kathy Hatzke - Kathat Stamps - Kathy is awesome! I love her cards, she also lives in the Bay Area & we plan to hook up next tme I visit my family (most likely May this year) and I'm looking forward to it!

Melissa Kaufman - Simply Pink. Melissa has a clean style to her cards that I love. She is a real sweetheart, leaving encouraging comments on my posts. Pin It

11 comments on "You Make My Day Award"

chelemom on 8:56 PM CST said...

Thank you! YOu are a sweetheart!!! Hugs!

Jennifer Ofiana on 11:22 PM CST said...

Thanks so much!!! I am lovin your blog too! I love finding out how small the world can be! haha!

Ila on 12:02 AM CST said...

What a Wonderful Award!!Thanks so much Donna...You make my day too!!..Hugs, Ila :)

Dawn Easton on 7:21 AM CST said...

Awww Donna thanks! So sweet of you to nominate me! I'll get this posted today on my blog ;)

SpAzzGiRL on 12:32 PM CST said...

awww...thank you so much Donna!
Looks like I am in good company with this list.
Your blog always makes my day!

Kathy on 1:45 PM CST said...

Awwwww, thanks! You totally make my day as well and I do appreciate it.

Meda on 3:37 PM CST said...

Then happy anniversary. It's already Jan 14 here and 19 minutes missing till Jan 15.

Beth Norman on 4:03 PM CST said...

he he he, I just tagged Ila with this award too. Just like you, I think her colouring rocks!

Angie Tieman on 9:27 PM CST said...

Oh, thank you, Donna! This was so nice of you, I love you!! =) You made my day!

Rose Ann on 1:46 PM CST said...

You're as sweet as can be! Thank you, Donna!!

Melanie on 12:13 AM CST said...

Ok, duh! I just saw this, Rose Ann had to tell me about it!! I HAVE checked in since last week, but I am too focused on your beautiful cards I guess! Thanks that's so cool!

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