Sunday, February 10, 2008

According to Linsey I'm rated E

for Excellent (my blog, that is). This is so sweet of Linsey (I just recently found her blog because she's also into the Hippys and soon enough - Hoppys). You need to check out her blog, she's so cute, has great stuff & has only been blogging since January! Thanks, Linsey!

In fact, Linsey is so excellent, she won **Melanie's contest with this sweet Baby Lamp she made for her 6-wk old niece and is going to get a FREE set of her new set Just so Hoppy (which was just released this evening) I know I am going to have as much fun with the Hoppys as I do the Hippys.

**Melanie is just a gem & quite the creative gal so of course I have to nominate her for the same award! I should nominate more but so many have received it (and deserve it) so if you are reading this (consider yourself nominated by me)

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3 comments on "According to Linsey I'm rated E"

Melanie on 6:52 AM CST said...

thanks Donna! Sorry I didn't get to chatter with you much last night at the release, I really appreciate you turning out! It was a little crazy between trying to keep up and tending to J! Gotta go back to bed now, had to get up to give medicine etc(today's W's 3rd bday, I think J may have to miss the party :(

Linsey on 6:57 PM CST said...

Not just according to me, I'm late in figuring out that YOU ROCK! Great choice for your nominee Donna (I *heart* Melanie!) You are such a doll! Thanks for mentioning me in your post, what a treat for me! You inspire me! And I want to move to Texas just to be near you and Melanie, hehe! ~hugs~

Rose Ann on 9:19 PM CST said...

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it, Donna!!

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