Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sketchy Time - Purrfect Friends & Ghoulish Greetings

One thing I love about stamping is the freedom to mix & match stamp sets!  With both of these cards I used Taylored Expressions' new line of stamps 'Stamp a Sweet Impression' {SASI} and Gina K Designs illustrated by my friend Melanie Muenchinger.  This card 's sketch is from last week's Saturday sketch by Lauren Meader.  I thought using the kitty cupcake from Taylor'sTrick or Sweet in a non-Halloween setting to show its versatility would be fun!  Of course using the 'purrfect friends' sentiment from Melanie's Cuddles and Hugs would be 'purrfect' to display this trio of kitty cupcake friends!  I got the meow satin ribbon & paw print brad from 2 stamping friends a LONG time ago - it was great I discovered them in my stash because they are purrfect for this card!! 

Here is my card for Lauren's sketch today which uses Taylor's Frightful Night set (bat & boo on the hoodie) and 'ghoulish greetings' for the sentiment.  This also shows you the versatility of the sets & using them in non-traditional ways.  There is black ice glitter on the bat I wish you could see - which is part of Taylor's Halloween key ingredients sold separately in her store {the whole card uses parts of the kit - even the cute mini brads!}.  Did you see how much you get in there? Everything coordinates, takes the guesswork away from you because everything is right there for you.  All I had to do is decide which elements to place on my card for the sketch.  Easy!

Wonder where the hoodie came from?  Wonder no more - unless you were at the Gina K release party last night - you know it's from Melanie's new set 'Just so Sporty' I'm so excited to work with this set just like all her sets, you can mix & match & have SO many stamping options!  I suggest once you get yours, you brainstorm about all your current sets you can 'add' to it to make it even more versatile!

Melanie surprised me with it yesterday after having kind of a crummy afternoon.  I lost $20 cash that John gave me for lunch (not that I would spend it all) but I went shopping at Wal-Mart where I did a little Christmas shopping) and as I was going to my favorite fast food {Chick-fil-A} realized I did not have the cash - it just put a lump in my throat, I don't have cash that often& made the mistake of keeping it in my shallow pockets so obviously I made someone's day yesterday when they found it.  But not long after I realized it, Melanie calls to ask if I want her new set!  Of course we all know it's valued just under $20 so God replaced what I lost!  John was not upset about the $ (not like me) and of course at that point it was after 2:00 and I had not had ANY lunch, so Melanie was so sweet to pack me ne (pb & j, juice drink, cheez-its and chocolate chip bunny cookies) isn't she the sweetest?  Best part of my day?  Spending time hanging out at the park with her catching up on stuff- because of our schedules we had not done it in a while.  So thank, Mel - you really made my day!!  

So now those of you who I told in the forum last night I was working on a secret project - now you know, it was working on stuff with Melanie's set!!  (LOL) FUN!
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13 comments on "Sketchy Time - Purrfect Friends & Ghoulish Greetings"

BECK on 1:24 PM CDT said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Jessie/knightrone on 2:17 PM CDT said...

Awesome stuff Donna!! Sorry you lost your money, that would make me upset too. Love what you did with Melanies set..she is so thoughtful!!

Lauren (mytime) on 2:29 PM CDT said...

LOVE the cards!! They are both awesome and colorful. It was so sweet of Melanie to do that for you :D Friends are amazing aren't they. I would have been sad to lose that money too. Its just frustrating

StamperSharon on 2:54 PM CDT said...

What a sweet/unspooky use for the kitty cupcake, Donna -- love it! And that batty hoodie is brilliant!

Julie Masse on 6:01 PM CDT said...

Wonderful card Donna!! Glad your day finished up better!!:)

catdidit on 8:58 PM CDT said...

*dies* omg! How cute is this?!! Those kitty cupcakes, and in my fav color combo too boot, are colored soo awesome and love the layout with them!

And the hoodie, WOW! Im jealous! haha! I cannot wait to get my set! This card is so neat and once again, your coloring on it is perfect!

So sorry you lost your monies...I have had that happen and would be so upset...then I'd tell myself, well, somebody must have needed it worse than me! Mel is so awesome and such a sweet friend for doing that! You are so very lucky to have such a friend!

Melanie on 9:04 PM CDT said...

I am delighted to be the answer to a friend's prayers!! Adorable hoodie, I'd wear that fo sho- boo!!!

Melanie on 9:05 PM CDT said...

PS sorry I thught they were on ths post above, kittcakes, hee hee, too cute!!

Dawn Easton on 9:05 AM CDT said...

Super cute cards Donna!!!

Catherine on 10:53 AM CDT said...

Donna, both cards are just purrfect and bootiful ;)

You continually A-maze us with your creations. And that's really sweet of Melanie. I always say (when i loose something) "what was lost, will be found" again and again and next time you know it... it's just there for you =)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 5:19 PM CDT said...

WHOA!!! How cute is that with the satin PINK kitty ribbon!!!!

And the card with Mel's new set!!! I can't wait 'til mine gets here! I LOVE hoodies!!!! And what a fun card!!!!

I'm so sorry for that rough day.....but it just is another opportunity for this close-knit and kindred spirit stamping community to be shown!! Melanie is INDEED a true-blue friend!!! I'll be in Amarillo this weekend and can't believe it's still too far to see y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose Ann on 7:49 AM CDT said...

Both of these are so cute, Donna!! As always...your coloring is wonderful!! I love the mix of stamps, and colors!! Sorry you lost your $20, but that was so sweet of Melanie to bring over one of her new sets for you!! I LOVE what you're doing with it so far!!

Carolina on 1:20 PM CDT said...

Melanie is amazing! Talk about a I can totally relate to what a bummer it is to loose money. Even if you're having the best day, it darkens your day, but so glad you have Melanie - she's just amazing! So glad you have such a wonderful person near by to make things a little better.

Love what you're doing with the set!


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